Citizen service complaints

In the context of developing and improving the educational process, the Ministry of Education has allocated communication channels for parents, students and teachers to communicate with the Ministry and their affiliated directorates in order to solve the problems they face. Communication is done as follows

Citizens Service at the Ministry’s General Office:

Phone: 27946145

Fax: 27963734

Hotline: 19126


Contact us portal:

Governmental Complaints Portal:

To contact the call center, a number has been allocated: 01207000081

To contact via WhatsApp: 01207000082

To communicate through personal submission: Audience reception hall (hand in hand) in the General Court


Please include the following information in the complaint: -

It is necessary to write the complainant who sends his complaint through the means of communication (websites - fax) with the following data

(Three Name - National Number - Telephone Number)

It is necessary to send the complaint registered with acknowledgment of receipt and complete with all data for complaints that are sent via (mail - telegram)