The Minister of Education receives a World Bank delegation

The Minister of Education receives a World Bank delegation)

Dr. Reda Hegazy, Minister of Education and Technical Education, received a delegation from the World Bank. This is within the framework of periodic meetings to follow up on joint cooperation files to develop the pre-university education system.

Dr. Reda Hegazy expressed his happiness at this meeting, which confirms the strong partnership with the World Bank in the education reform program with the Ministry since 2018, reviewing the areas of joint work, including early childhood programs, comprehensive assessment programs, the teacher standards document, and the training package for kindergarten teachers. .

The Minister also reviewed the Ministry’s efforts in developing the strategic plan 2024/2029, explaining that the education sector was analyzed, and in light of studying the challenges, the strategic plan was built that is consistent with the government’s programmes, in line with the sustainable development goals, and directs the Egyptian state to the importance of students possessing skills and competencies that qualify them. For the changing labor market, he pointed out that the Ministry has 3 strategic goals, which are availability, quality, sustainability and lifelong learning.

The Minister of Education also indicated that Egypt’s accession to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) came as a step in support of the ministry’s efforts to achieve the goals of developing the educational system and implementing the ministry’s strategic plan 2024.

During the meeting, the Minister reviewed a number of challenges facing the Ministry and attempted to develop solutions to address them. He also pointed out the Ministry’s interest in the support and communication axis to educate all relevant parties about the Ministry’s efforts to develop the educational system. Therefore, the General Administration of Support and Communication was created, which focuses on awareness and delivering targeted messages. For students and teachers at the republic level, monitoring and evaluating reactions, which is ultimately reflected in supporting efforts to develop the educational system in its various aspects.

Dr. Reda Hegazy added that the Egyptian state now has a new mechanism for selecting new teachers in line with the strategy of comprehensive development of the educational system, and the Ministry’s vision of selecting teachers who have professional skills, renewed knowledge, and sound professional values ​​and behaviors, and who have the ability to continuously develop their skills so that they can Keeping pace with modern education methods associated with digital transformation and technological breakthroughs.

Dr. Reda Hegazy also stressed the Ministry’s keenness to raise the performance levels of teachers and develop their professional skills and abilities in line with the targeted development of the educational system, through developing a set of training programs and packages that are in line with the latest global trends. To keep pace with cognitive and technological development and achieve the quality of the educational process.

For his part, Stefan Gimbert, Regional Director of the World Bank, expressed his great happiness with this meeting and the ministry’s participation in the education reform program for several years, appreciating the efforts of the Egyptian Ministry of Education in the education reform plan, and stressing the World Bank’s keenness to continue providing all aspects of support to implement the plan. The ministry’s strategy, and supporting the implementation of various training packages for teachers.

The meeting included discussions on enhancing ways of cooperation between the Ministry and the Bank in the areas of existing cooperation with the Bank related to the Egyptian education reform project, ways to improve reading, writing and numeracy skills for students in basic education, and continuing professional development for in-service teachers.

The meeting was attended by Stephane Gimbert, Regional Director of the World Bank, Omar Al-Razzaz, a senior expert at the World Bank, Riyana Muhammad, Leader of the Human Development Programme, Dr. Amira Kazim, Team Leader, and Shwetlena Sabharwal, Chief Economist at the World Bank and Head of the Evaluation Process Mission.

From the Ministry of International Cooperation, Radwa Adas, Senior Director, and Bassem Sami, Senior Economic Researcher, attended.

From the Ministry of Education, Dr. Ramadan Muhammad, Assistant Minister for Examinations and Educational Evaluation, Dr. Sherine Hamdi, Advisor to the Minister for International Relations and Agreements and Supervisor of the Central Administration for the Affairs of the Minister’s Office, Dr. Akram Hassan, Head of the Central Administration for Curriculum Development, and Dr. Hala Abdel Salam, Head of the Central Administration for Public Education, attended. Iman Al-Rashidi, Project Director, Dr. Suzi Hussein, Director of the General Department of International Relations, and Dr. Mahmoud Hajjaj, Director-General of the General Department of Support and Communication.