The Minister of Education announces in a press conference the results of high school

The Minister of Education announces in a press conference the results of high school)

74% pass rate with high school result 2021
A link to the grievances of the high school result will be available next Sunday.. and the second round, September 4th
The list of the first high school students in 2021 includes 47 students
Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, and Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, held a press conference today; To announce the results of the first round of the General Secondary Completion Certificate and the initial indicators for university coordination.
Dr. Tariq Shawky said that this year is a very special year, and we consider this year's high school class a historic batch for the Egyptian high school, and today we celebrate the graduation of a batch of our sons from high school and their transition to a broader world of knowledge in their university studies.
Dr. Tarek Shawky reviewed the development in the secondary stage, which began in 2017, and its focus was the development of a new assessment system to measure different levels of understanding of learning outcomes instead of the very simplified stage of information retrieval, noting that the new questions are very important because they are standard questions, designed in a fully scientific way and measure The different levels of understanding, application and analysis, and this was the focus of the change in high school, and on this basis, standard question banks were built for the secondary stage from the first to the third grade of secondary school, and an examination map was prepared with standard and international specifications, and experimental exams were held for this batch under conditions Difficult, which is the Corona pandemic, and an electronic correction was made without the intervention of any human element for the first time.
The Minister of Education indicated that the use of technology has been deepened for the secondary stage, and a great effort has been made for the infrastructure in schools, where students have one million and 800,000 tablets as a means of perusing, deepening knowledge and learning from digital sources, explaining that the Ministry was able to build additional learning resources such as our school channels. Live Broadcasting, Knowledge Bank and Shares of Egypt; To help deal with new questions that measure understanding, application and analysis, stressing that digital learning resources were used by a large number of students, for example, the Hessat Misr platform achieved a viewing rate of approximately 1.4 million, and our school channels 1, 2 achieved a very high viewership, and subscribers With these channels, about 60 thousand subscribers, in addition to a high rate of access to these channels, and 3 thousand and 350 lessons were implemented on the live broadcast, which achieved great benefit for the students.
Dr. Tariq Shawky reviewed the general success rates for this year for the first batch that used the tablet in 2016/2017, which amounted to 72%, while in 2017/2018 it amounted to 74%, and in 2018/2019 it amounted to 78%, and in 2019/2020 it amounted to 81%, This year 2020/2021, the success rate is 74%.
As for this year’s statistics, and what was said about the difficulty or ease of exams for some subjects, Dr. Tariq Shawky indicated that if we look at any subject during the years 2019, 2020 or 2021, we find that the success rates are close in all years, and sometimes the success rates for some subjects increase for the year 2021 for previous years, according to documented digital information after electronic correction of all subjects.
The Minister of Education clarified that the student should not compare his result with the old numbers, noting that the numbers available to enter universities increased this year, explaining that for the Literary Division, none of the students obtained a total of 95% or higher, and for the Scientific Division of Science and Mathematics, about 20 thousand were obtained. And 190 students at rates from 90% to 95%. As for the last year, the number of students who got 95% was about 90,000 students, above 90% about 90,000 students, and above 85%, about 250 thousand students. This year, there was a change in the totals. About 70,000 students scored 85%, indicating that the correct assessment accurately determines the difference in the level of performance between those who get 80% or more, and therefore those who get 65% and 70% are a good total.
As for the work of the controls, Dr. Tariq Shawky indicated that there has been a change in the method of correction, and the number of correction controls has been reduced from 100 thousand correctors to the number of 400 correctors and auditors only, because it has become electronic, and there is no need for the human element, and the usual errors have been controlled and no longer exist. Note that there will be an electronic link to direct those who want to re-examine the student’s skeptical paper on his answer sheet, and the ministry will respond to everyone through a link dedicated to this matter, pointing out that the schedule for the second round was approved yesterday with the adoption of the result, which will be entered by the number 160 thousand in the September round, which It starts on September 4th and we will announce the schedule over the next two days.
The Minister of Education confirmed that all acts of cheating and leakage in exams were controlled and dealt with by the Legal Affairs and decided upon, and 582 people were transferred to the Public Prosecution and the Ministry pending the outcome of the investigations.
He pointed out that the new system succeeded in evaluating and achieving performance levels sorting, in an accurate scientific way that allows the Ministry of Higher Education to more accurately choose the seats in universities. Coordination was also made with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to preserve the rights of all students who divided the subjects into two years without violating the laws and to teach This year's students and their families that the division's students will not affect the opportunities of others or compete with them for university places without creating an independent coordination or violating the rights of both parties.
Dr. Tarek Shawky thanked all the employees who took these exams for this year.