The Minister of Education reviews the details of the final preparations for this year's high school exams

The Minister of Education reviews the details of the final preparations for this year's high school exams)

The Minister of Education reviews the details of the final preparations for this year's high school exams
Shawky: The answer to the high school exams in the Babel Sheet is only.. The ministry’s books will be available on tablets electronically
Shawky: It is forbidden for students to enter the secondary committees with a mobile phone or tablet from outside the system.
Shawky: High school students responded to the Babel Sheet, and their performance on the exam was promising.
Dr. Tarek Shawky: Using the tablet for electronic exams is to reduce the costs of printing, storage and distribution, as well as the answers and reduce dependence on the human element. This is not the focus of development, and some reduce the development to the exam method and not the essence of the exam.

Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, held today at the Ministry’s general office, a press conference to announce the final preparations for the exams for the completion of the general secondary school certificate for the current academic year 2020/2021, which is scheduled to take place next July 10 for students of the Scientific Division, and July 11 for students of the Literary Division. Amidst strict precautionary measures to confront the emerging corona virus.
Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, confirmed that the ministry studied all the observations after conducting the three experimental exams for high school and prepared the optimal scenario for the final exams, which puts the student's interest in the first place.
In his speech at the conference, the Minister of Education and Technical Education touched upon an explanation of the new assessment method, which worked to reformulate the scientific curricula and develop large digital content that allows the student to understand learning outcomes, as well as providing a “tablet” device for each student for free, and making digital educational materials available for free. Through interactive content from multiple sources.
Dr. Tarek Shawky pointed out that the ministry has made available many sources for studying and reviewing, including the “Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB), the LMS learning management platform, the Egypt Lessons platform www.hesas.eg, and our school channel 2 (frequency 12206 / coding rate 27500 / polarization: vertical) )”, pointing out that all these means provide explanations, interactive questions and final curricula reviews for the secondary stage, provided by the most qualified teachers free of charge in cooperation with a number of international institutions.
During the conference, the minister reviewed the results of the experimental exams, noting that it was reassured that the infrastructure is working at 100%, and the shape of the Babel Shit was identified, and the students’ response was assured, as they performed well and their scientific performance was promising, and a number of tablets were monitored. Outside the system and hacking some tablets, which is against the law, and the new cheating law is applied to it.
As for the final exams, Dr. Tariq Shawky confirmed that the exam is unified among all students of the scientific and literary people, and the answers to the questions will be on (Babel Sheet) only, and the attendance of students in the exam will be recorded on the tablet, and a copy of the textbooks will be made available electronically on the tablet to the students, stressing that There is no change in the exam schedule, the number of questions or the announced exam time.
The Minister of Education and Technical Education stressed that the introduction of any mobile phone or electronic cheating will be punished by the new cheating law, and that only the ministry’s book is allowed inside the exam, and it is forbidden to accompany any printed lieutenant, noting that the questions are set by dozens of distinguished professors at the National Center For exams, and that each question is reviewed in terms of time, level of difficulty and learning outcome that is measured and reviewed in terms of translation and in terms of the quality of the question itself.
As for the American diploma students, Shawky confirmed that the ministry is trying to help American diploma students after canceling the SAT exams in Egypt, explaining that “matching and super matching” will be made available for students of grades 11 and 12, noting that the ministry will implement “Super Matching” for students for the first time. American diploma.
The Minister of Education added that American diploma students in the last year are allowed to do the Super Matching in the Ministry of Education, not higher education, pointing out that centers for the EST exam will be opened in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE for American diploma students.
At the conclusion of the conference, the Minister appealed to the students to prepare well for the exams and not worry completely, stressing that everything related to the exams has been prepared to facilitate for our students. In sterilization procedures within the committees