The Minister of Education follows up on the regularity of the high school examination committees

The Minister of Education follows up on the regularity of the high school examination committees)

Dr. Reda Hegazy, Minister of Education and Technical Education and Head of the General Secondary Education Examinations, was keen to follow the first day of the general secondary examinations, first round, through the Ministry’s central operations room, where students take exams in the subjects of religious education and national education.

Before the start of the exam, the Minister was assured of communicating with all directors of educational directorates present in the local operating rooms. He was also assured of the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Interior. To secure the headquarters of traffic committees in all governorates.

The Minister stressed that students will be allowed to enter the committees starting at eight-fifteen in the morning, to conduct the inspection process accurately, and to enter the committees ten minutes before the exam to allow students time to write their statements.

The Minister also directed students to check when writing data and ensure that the exam form number on the Babylon Sheet answer sheet and the essay question answer sheet matches, by following up with the invigilators within the exam committees as well, directing them to ensure that the invigilators review the accuracy of the data, and to prevent the invigilator from writing the data on behalf of the student.

The Minister stressed the need to ensure that students enter the committees without any electronic devices, and the necessity of using the electronic stick to search the students as they enter the committees, and to pass by again half an hour after the start of the exam quietly without affecting the discipline of the exam process, as well as to carefully inspect the bathrooms.

The Minister also directed to facilitate the reception of fans from parents through the Council of Parents, Trustees and Teachers.

The Minister also stressed the need to check the effectiveness of the cameras, emphasizing that those responsible for disabling any camera inside the committees must be held accountable immediately.

The Minister also stressed that students should be completely prevented from leaving before the scheduled exam date ends, and that the committee chairman or any individual should not be allowed to be present at all after the exams are completed and the school is closed.

The Minister directed that the Central Operations Room be informed in the event of any violation occurring in the external environment of the committee, to deal with it immediately, stressing the evaluation of directorate directors in light of their performance during the examination peri