important statement

important statement)

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education announces, after consulting with the Prime Minister and the relevant agencies, headed by the Ministry of Health and Population, that the end of the current April is the end of the academic year for the transfer years from kindergarten to the second secondary grade, with the exception of the preparatory and secondary certificates.

The monthly examinations for the month of April are held on days 26, 27, and 28 according to the announced schedules, and after their end, the summer vacation begins for the years from kindergarten to the second year of middle school, as well as the first and second secondary grades.

The academic year for students of the preparatory and secondary certificates and the final exams of the two certificates shall be completed according to the announced schedules, provided that their attendance to schools remains optional and that the state takes all precautionary measures for students of general certificates during the experimental and final exams.

International schools complete the study and exams according to their previously planned schedules, with an emphasis on giving parents the freedom to choose with regard to the attendance of their children and that the attendance days are limited to a maximum of 3 days and complete online learning.

Controls for evaluating technical education students, controls for evaluating materials not added to the group, and controls for evaluating students with special needs will be published before the end of the week.

The Ministry expresses its gratitude with the passing of the second school year amid the Corona pandemic, and students have completed the largest amount of the prescribed curricula, and have completed an appropriate amount of evaluation to pass to the higher school year, which large countries around the world have not been able to do.

The Ministry reassures parents and their students enrolled in the preparatory and secondary certificates that it makes every effort to complete the two certification exams with ease and with safety and precautionary measures to maintain equal opportunities and the health and safety of students, teachers and administrators.