"Education" announces that Egyptian students have won three prizes in the International Science and Engineering Competition (ISEF)

"Education" announces that Egyptian students have won three prizes in the International Science and Engineering Competition (ISEF))

Within the framework of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education's interest in developing students' scientific research skills and their abilities to implement new projects that contribute to solving problems by following the scientific research methodology, Egyptian students participated in the International Science and Engineering Competition (ISEF), virtually through the Internet due to the Covid-19 pandemic .

The Ministry announced that a number of qualified students and participants in the Virtual International Exhibition won three prizes in the competition, held under the auspices of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and in cooperation between the Library of Alexandria (the Planetarium Center) and the General Administration of E-Education in the Quality and Information Technology Sector, and the technological development centers in the educational directorates.

The Ministry congratulated the winning students, Jasser Muhammad Jalal and Mustafa Ahmed Abdel Muhaimin, for obtaining a special award in the field of software for a project: (Using computers and machine learning systems to develop an algorithm that helps people with special needs use the computer Utilizing Computer Vision and Machine Learning Systems to Develop An Algorithm Helping Physically Disabled People to Use Computer), and Fatima Al-Banna, for having ranked fourth in the world in the field of biochemistry for the Moringa for sewage (water and clean energy) project.

Student Omar Walid Al-Beheiri also won fourth place in the world in the field of environmental engineering for the project (Smart electrical device for waste water). Student Ahmed Tariq Al-Faramawy, sixth grade elementary school student, participated in international events for underage students successfully, as he was nominated to represent Egypt. About his project (Compact City 2030 Egypt Vision 2030) in the field of integrated systems.

It should be noted that the Science and Engineering Competition (ISEF) is one of the strongest international competitions in the field of science and engineering for researchers at the secondary level, from the age of 14 to 18 years, as students were selected for international representation through many preliminary and local competitions that took place in all parts. In Egypt, they have also been rehabilitated and upgrading their communication skills to display their projects efficiently in the international exhibition.
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