Report of the written technical diploma examinations for the academic year 2021/2022 "first round" Sunday 5 June 2022

Report of the written technical diploma examinations for the academic year 2021/2022 "first round" Sunday 5 June 2022)

This morning, students of technical diplomas (the five-year and three-year system) took the exam in a number of 230 exam subjects (211 subjects in the first period - 19 subjects in the second period), within 3076 committees of all types "industrial, agricultural, commercial, hotel" in seven days. Written exams (first round) for the academic year 2021/2022.

Dr. Muhammad Mujahid, Deputy Minister of Education for Technical Education Affairs, confirmed that the technical diploma exams on their seventh day went well without problems. As the central operations room, before the start of the exam, made sure that the question papers had reached all the exam committees in the governorates, the availability of sterilization tools, and the presence of observers in the committees.

Dr. Muhammad Musa Emara, General President of the Technical Diploma Examinations, continued the regularity of the conduct of exams and ensuring compliance with the application of precautionary measures in order to preserve the health and safety of students and workers in those committees, and to overcome obstacles and solve the problems facing the exam conduct committees.

The head of the exam year was keen to follow up on the extent of discipline, order, the general situation and the security of committees inside schools. He also directed that legal measures be taken towards violations related to some attempts of traditional cheating and electronic cheating using the mobile phone.

Hashem Ali Jameh, Vice President of the Technical Diploma Examinations, visited the committee of the (Banba Qaden) Industrial School for Boys, which is affiliated to the Sayeda Zainab Educational Administration, to check on the proper conduct of the exams.

Follow-up committees followed up on a number of traffic committees of various types in different governorates, including (industrial - agricultural - commercial - hotel) in the governorates.

The Central Operations Room of the Ministry of Education received several observations, where the anti-electronic fraud team monitored 45 cases of fraud and mobile possession in some governorates, and the students responsible for this were arrested and the necessary legal measures were taken in these cases.

The number of students applying to perform the technical diploma exams, for the academic year 2021/2022, is 830,753 male/female students of all types (industrial - agricultural - commercial - hotel - double education and training), in addition to applied technology schools.

The number of management committees and system and control committees for technical diploma exams for all types in all sectors at the level of the Republic reached (23) management committees, in addition to (25) system and control committees.
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