Education announces the results of the technical pilot test for high school students on the first day

Education announces the results of the technical pilot test for high school students on the first day)

Education: The experiment aims to examine tablets and measure the efficiency of the internal networks in schools, fiber connections and chips.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education confirmed the success of the first experimental technical test experiment for high school students in its first day, as the first experiment to measure the efficiency of internal networks in schools and “fiber” lines, to monitor all observations and work to solve them.
The ministry stated that 574,000 students were able to access the system of updates for the tablet devices to ensure their safety and examination, in addition to conducting technical tests for the servers in "local" schools as well as
Available on the "cloud" of cloud computing, with measuring the efficiency of the "4G" data segments, available to students, in addition to making sure of the validity of the tablets and the arrival of updates, and resolving any problems in the devices through the technical support team in the educational directorates.

The ministry indicated that the examination of student devices and networks will continue during the second and third day of the test, which is scheduled to take place on April 20-22, in order to reach the best performance during the end-of-year exam.

The ministry indicated that the aim of the current pilot test is not the quality of the questions or the academic part, but to check on the tablet and serve as simulation of tools, networks, passwords and passwords that students use, as it is a logistical part in terms of testing Wi-Fi chips, networks, servers, the cloud, and the loads on them.

The first day has fully achieved the desired goals, and the Ministry will complete work on the next Tuesday and Thursday to reach the best technical solutions to perform the final exams.

It is important for students to use the educational slides and ensure that they are shipped before attending the upcoming exams.