The Minister of Education honors the students who excel in the TOFAS Mathematics Test

The Minister of Education honors the students who excel in the TOFAS Mathematics Test)

This evening, Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education honored the students who excelled in the TOFAS mathematics test, in the presence of Oka Hiroshi, the Japanese ambassador in Cairo, Omura Yu Shifumi, the main representative of the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Egypt, and Mr. Shoji Ryo, representative of SPREX Sprix, and from the ministry Dr. Reda Hegazy, Deputy Minister for Teachers’ Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Mujahid, Deputy Minister for Technical Education, Dr. Ahmed Daher, Deputy Minister for Technological Development, Dr. Sherine Hamdi, Advisor to the Minister for Administrative Development and Supervisor of the Central Administration for the Affairs of the Minister’s Office, and Dr. Hanim Ahmed, Adviser to the Minister for International Cooperation, and a number of ministry leaders.
Dr. Tarek Shawky welcomed the attendees, expressing his happiness to participate in this important event, which celebrates our outstanding Egyptian students in the TOFAS math test.
The minister said: We are honored that Egypt is the first country in the Middle East to participate in the program, which was held in 15 other countries. The minister also thanked the Japanese ambassador and JICA for their permanent cooperation in all educational projects.
Dr. Tarek Shawky expressed his sincere thanks to the teachers and mathematics mentors who made every effort to make the experiment a success, which bore the positive results that were reflected in the students we celebrate today.
The minister indicated that this event is part of the fruitful and constructive cooperation with Japan in many educational projects under the umbrella of the new education system 2.0, in order to keep pace with the era of digital transformation, in which the student does not rely on memorization and indoctrination, but rather seeks to learn from various educational sources; This is in order to create a generation capable of competing globally.
Dr. Tarek Shawky explained that the TOFAS tests come as an indication of the success of our experience in developing the educational system, and confirm the ability of our children to compete globally.
The Minister congratulated our sons and daughters who participated in this test, and for their courage to take the experience of applying for an international test like this, and he also congratulated the parents who encouraged their children to love learning and strive for it, saying that you went through the experience of applying for this test yourself, beginning with applying for registration, then taking the test The answers were sent electronically to the test-based body in Japan, where they were corrected and the results were notified to us, which means that this evaluation was entirely external, and the grades you obtained, and your superiority, were from a neutral and equitable entity, and this type of external evaluation is very important and valuable big.
The Minister said to the winning students that my confidence in your abilities, my children, to pass the challenge is great, and that is why we celebrate today with you and you this wonderful effort, pointing out that the Ministry is seeking to open new doors for our students, so we seek to cooperate with the Sprix Foundation not only in exams but in the field of teaching in mathematics and sciences And programming, especially in light of Japan's acclaimed superiority in these areas.
The minister explained that with regard to the Tufas test, the ministry is keen to make the test available to a larger number of our students, and it was agreed with the Foundation to Arabize the test and hold the second phase of the test in Egypt next March in both Arabic and English, and we are targeting 10,000 Egyptian students, noting that any student who wants to Subscription is done through his school.
The Minister assured parents that the Ministry of Education is very keen to give our students a real evaluation and constantly strives to create international educational partnerships that benefit our students with the aim of empowering our students not only by local but international standards as well, and preparing them for an era when the opportunity is available to the learner who is skilled in his tools.
The minister praised the cooperation with Japan in the field of education, pointing out that the number of Japanese schools has reached 48, and we aim to reach 500 schools inside Egypt.
For his part, Ryo Shuji, Head of the International Strategies Department at SPREX, expressed his deep thanks to the Ministry of Education and its interest in training outstanding students who excelled in exams on Office programs, pointing out that SPREX is one of the largest Japanese institutions, as we have achieved a way for students to learn their present and future, pointing out that the process of Learning is to remember and understand, not memorize.
He added that the task of education is a very sublime task, so we focused on the basic abilities of the learner to know that understanding is what enables him to learn so that we have an international standard.
Shoji Ryo praised the Egyptian students, teachers and those in charge of the educational process, noting that the tests were applied in 15 countries and divided into 4 levels, and Egypt got the first places among these countries.
Shoji Ryo said that Egypt and Japan share in preserving civilization and keenness to obtain the best benefits for students, noting that Japan has a basic material on the ancient history of Egypt, expressing his pride in his presence on the land from which history was born.
He also praised the schools he visited, including an applied technology school, noting that what happened in Egypt is a miraculous speed for its tremendous development during the past three years, saying that we are proud that Egypt is one of the first countries with which scientific cooperation has taken place, and we look forward to more cooperation in the coming period.
During the ceremony, a documentary film about the students' performance in the TOFAS test was shown, and the names of the schools with the highest ratings were announced, and certificates were handed over to the outstanding students.