The Minister of Education discusses with the Tunisian ambassador aspects of cooperation in the field of education

The Minister of Education discusses with the Tunisian ambassador aspects of cooperation in the field of education)

Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, received today Ambassador Mohamed Ben Youssef, Ambassador of the Republic of Tunisia, to discuss ways to enhance cooperation between the two countries in the fields of education.
At the beginning of the meeting, the minister expressed his happiness with this meeting, pointing out that the relations between Egypt and Tunisia have historical roots, and there are distinguished relations between the two countries, and we are always keen to strengthen the joint ties between the two countries.
During the meeting, Dr. Tarek Shawky confirmed that the Egyptian state has adopted the national project for the development of education, which aims to prepare a new vision for the educational community as a whole, so that the student becomes more interested in learning and innovation.
Shawky reviewed the efforts made by the Ministry in developing education curricula since 2017, where the Curriculum Development Center has developed curricula, according to a vision based on the idea of ​​sequencing and scientific accumulation, and in line with international standards.
This is in cooperation with experts and international partners, and attention to teacher training, in addition to establishing educational platforms and developing the technological infrastructure.
Shawky referred to the efforts to develop educational curricula to meet the increasing demands of the labor market, whether at the local or international levels, as well as to enhance and develop skills among young people and youth.
For his part, the Tunisian ambassador affirmed the Tunisian Republic's keenness to strengthen cooperation with Egypt, especially in light of the close strategic relations, which are based on a long history of brotherly relations between the two countries.
The Tunisian ambassador praised the distinguished level reached by the Egyptian educational system and the developmental achievements it has achieved in all educational fields, pointing out that the educational reform system in Egypt represents a unique experience that many countries are currently seeking to adopt and achieve positive indicators.
The ambassador noted the constructive cooperation between Tunisia and Egypt, looking forward to benefiting from the Egyptian experiences in supporting education in Tunisia during the coming period.
The Tunisian ambassador called for dispatching a group of educational experts to transfer the experience of developing education in Egypt to education experts in Tunisia to benefit from this pioneering experience.
The meeting dealt with an agreement to dispatch education experts in the Republic of Tunisia, to see the experience of developing education in Egypt and witness the experience on the ground, and to organize a visit for experts to the centers for curriculum development, technological development, and the Center for Examinations and Educational Evaluation, in the first week of next March.
At the conclusion of the meeting, Dr. Tarek Shawky expressed Egypt's constant welcome for further cooperation with Tunisia as a friendly country, praising the joint cooperation between the two countries in various fields.
The meeting was attended by Dr. Mohamed Mujahid, Deputy Minister for Technical Education, Dr. Reda Hegazy, Deputy Minister for Teachers’ Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Daher, Deputy Minister for Technological Development, Dr. Sherine Hamdy, Advisor to the Minister for Administrative Development and Supervisor of the Central Administration of the Minister’s Office, and Dr. Amr Basileh, Head of the Central Administration for Technical Education and Director of The Operation and Management Unit of Applied Technology Schools, Dr. Nawal Chalabi, Director of the Center for Curriculum Development, and Counselor Mohamed Amine Bousbat, Media Adviser at the Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia.